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Certificate of authenticity

Authentication is an in-depth investigative research process used to determine whether an artwork is made by the artist. Because no two works of art are the same, the authentication process and its associated fees vary depending on multiple characteristics. Our fees are determined on an individual basis and must be paid before process can begin.


Each individual is required to submit by email :


- A high definition picture of the painting (front/back)

- A high definition zoomed picture of the signature

- A short history of the paintings  (provenance)
- The exact dimension of the artwork

Note: If necessary, the artist estate can ask for physical inspection of the artwork.

Please be aware that issuing the certificate can take up to a month depending on the country.

How it works :


Artwork comparaison

Comparison of your work of art to others that have been positively referenced by the artist estate. The comparaison is made with careful consideration of many factors related to the artist's documented technique and stylistic preferences at a given period. 

images (2).png

Documentation & provenance research

The important task of tracing your work of art all the way back to its creation by searching records of sale and exhibition, legal documents, old photographs, books and personal documentation of the artist estate.

images (3).png

Expert Analysis

If needed, experts can ask to see the artwork for inspection with the aid of advanced techniques. 

All art works presented to the artist estate will be registered in our database.

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